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Real Pasta was co-created by two pasta loving fanatics, us - Louise & Brian

Real Pasta was initially created as a means to an end -  We weren't taken with any of the pasta we could find in the store and what's better than freshly made right?? After many iterations, we figured out how to dry and store freshly made pasta so it kept in our cupboards until those last minute pasta cravings hit.


Since then, we have perfected the art of drying pasta, meaning it has a long shelf life but cooks up just like fresh! Ready in just 3 - 5 minutes, with a gorgeous silky texture that will have you feeling like you're in Nonnas Italian kitchen. 

From there, it was a no-brainer to make pasta sauce. Our sauces are full of flavour! Packed with real ingredients, no added sugar etc. What you see is what you get! 1 packet of pasta and 1 jar of sauce is the perfect meal for two.

We do our best to make truly delicious food, food that we love to eat... and love to share! Our pasta is made using New Zealand grown flour & local free range eggs. By not adding water to our pasta, we have achieved a gorgeous, silky smooth pasta that is light and won't leave you feeling groggy after polishing off a bowl (or two!)

We are a family business and are driven by our values, we want you to have the best customers experience and we just want to make your meal times easier! We are doing this by creating products that are incredibly easy to use & so quick to prepare, wholesome and just so darn delicious.

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