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Broad beans & pancetta w fettuccine

Another super tasty, surprisingly easy meal, perfect for two. The sour cream and egg does tend to leave this dish a little on the heavy side but that's not really a bad thing is it?? You could switch out the broad beans for peas, edamame, asparagus or anything green with a bright, vibrant flavour. Hit your local mediterranean specialty store for pancetta or replace with bacon if you need.


100g broad beans (if using frozen, thaw & de-shell)

80g pancetta

2 cloves garlic, crushed

75g sour cream

1 egg yolk

1/4tsp dried thyme

Salt & pepper

Parmesan to serve


- Pop a large pot of salted water on to boil

- Dice the pancetta into small cubes and gently fry in a pan over low/medium heat, lightly season with salt

- Once pancetta is nicely sizzling, add garlic, saute for 2 mins then add beans and sprinkle thyme and a little salt

- Boil the pasta 3 - 4 mins, drain then add to pan

- Mix together egg yolk & sour cream in a small bowl

- Remove pan from the heat and add egg mixture, stir thoroughly to coat pasta strands evenly

- If the mixture hasn't quite thickened, pop pan back on a low heat, stir constantly until the egg mixture has reached desired thickness

- Serve immediately with a generous grating of parmesan


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